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Treatment of brain injuries using cord blood stem cells

To determine the safety and efficacy of using human umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in treatment, MSCs were administered to a rat three days after suffering a stroke.

Following treatment, results showed a significant improvement in motor function and a reduction in ischemic damage. Not only has the study proved the efficacy of MSCs in treatment, but also it is indicative of its feasibility in the treatment of brain injuries such as strokes or neurodegenerative disorders.
22/09/11 | 7th Space Interactive

Cord blood banking is worth considering

Expecting a baby is an exciting and overwhelming experience for both new and veteran parents.
Faced with many important decisions for the family’s future, perhaps the most important preparation of all is the process of collecting and storing the stem cells found in your newborn’s umbilical cord.
As a rich, non-controversial source of stem cells that can only be collected at the time of birth, Dr Christian pope, specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, believes cord blood banking be considered by any parent-to-be.

Umbilical cord stem cells could repair damaged heart muscle

Hannah Gillespie was diagnosed with Fanconi anaemia, a serious genetic disorder which means she could die before reaching adulthood.
20/10/11 | StemCellResearchNews.com

Umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells significantly inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells

20/10/11 | SpringerLink

Revolutionary stem cell jab could halt arthritis for millions

14/11/11 | Daily Mail

Stem-cell doctors to trial ‘bandage’ for torn knees

The doctors behind the world’s first transplant of an artificial windpipe made from a patient’s own stem cells are to begin clinical trials next year on a stem-cell “bandage” for mending torn knee cartilage – a common problem among sportspeople.
The team of doctors aim to transplant stem cells derived from a patient’s bone marrow on to a damaged knee joint, where it is hoped the cells will act like a repairing bandage to mend the tissue.
15/11/11 | The Independent