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Important information to all Salveo customers

Dear Salveo Customer! Since Salveo – Cryo-Save AG is part of Esperite’s group, the commercial activity has been growing successfully. In order to optimize the laboratories, we have consolidated the processing and storage in CryoSave laboratory in Geneva. The commercial activity has been perfomed under the control of the group and on behalf of CryoSave AG.

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Umbilical cord blood contains a significant amount of stem cells

  • Umbilical cord blood is harvested from the umbilical cord and from the placenta that in the womb links the newborn baby to mother. This cord blood is precious because it contains a very high concentration of stem cells.
  • Stem cells are the primitive cells found in bone marrow, the umbilical cord, placenta tissue, general adult blood, and other tissues in the human body. Stem cells can by themselves recreate all the cells of the blood, nerve tissues, or other organs like bone, muscle, heart, liver, eyes, skin, etc.

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  • Cord Blood (Base Service)
  • Cord Tissue Storage (Option)
  • + 5 Years (Option)
  • + 10 Years (Option)
  • Allergy Tests (Option)
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