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Your Pocket PC is a cool gadget to carry around. When it simply sits in the cradle, synchronizing or charging but does it serve any meaningful function? Turn your docked PDA from a waste of space on your own table into a cool looking time -measuring machine with endless customization options and an abundance of features! Synchronizing and while charging, your PDA is mostly useless, merely sitting on a table and inhabiting the already limited space on your desk. Free up some space if you have one and get rid of your desktop clock! It's possible for you to get a desktop clock that is cool, large, bright and sharp if you install Spb Time to your PDA. It's going to give you multiple world clocks to show you precisely what time it is everywhere on the planet, customizable alarm clocks, an digital or analog look, and more. Is Christmas coming? Just upload a Christmas theme that is unique to your PDA to get the coolest appearing Christmas http://oemsoftwarestore.org/product/macpaw-cleanmymac-3/ clock ever!

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Are you a Matrix fan? Get that black-and-green trendy clock. Want something classy? Check the Moscow Kremlin clock or the Big Ben clock out. Arty disposition? His famous liquid clock was painted by Salvador Dali, and Spb Diary animated it. It seems truly surrealistic!

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Simply visit www.Handster.com to pick among dozens of carefully crafted motifs to make your desk clock seem unique. Only one program enables you to have a Picasso clock the day and an Aqua appear tomorrow, a cartoon design on the following day and an Egyptian clock today after - not only on your computer screen, but on your table! Did I mention Spb Time could be used by you while on the go, too? Plan your time better and more economically with numerous custom alarms, world clocks, timers, and stopwatches. Control all the characteristics with your fingertips, thanks to the efficient layout of Spb Time optimized for fingertip operation. Simply tap on your screen with your finger to change the appearance of your clock or access advanced features such as timers and alarms. Maybe you have imagined your PDA could be used at night while you are sleeping? Spb Time is a rare find, as it will turn your PDA into an ideal night watch on your bedside! Put in your nightstand, and you're going to get the coolest and easiest alarm clock.

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Only imagine how much a committed, CPU-driven, programmable alarm clock with a huge, clear, high resolution screen and customizable alarms (and we're not talking about'beep-beeps' here!) would run for at Radio Shack? You buy Spb Time! you'll have it for a mere $14.95 if Wake up to your favorite song - you'll be able to upload it and select it as your default alarm tune. Do not wait! Turn your PDA into a very flexible day-and-night time measuring machine with Spb Diary! Download your free evaluation copy here: